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Moore Elevator Company LLC provides residential elevator installation across western Washington

Have an elevator installed in your home

An elevator is a priceless investment in your home, as it allows access to all levels of the home with ease while using less space than a staircase. Our elevators are fully customizable, and we can ensure your elevator is as functional as it is decorative. We are happy to collaborate with you to find the perfect elevator for your home use needs, from cab styles to personalized fixtures.

We’re experts in residential elevator installation

Our elevator technicians are knowledgeable in all types of elevators and can help diagnose the best type of elevator for your home, your needs, and your budget. All elevators are fully customizable with a variety of different colors, finishes, and lighting options. We are happy to provide you with a free in-home estimate and price quote to help you create and achieve the in-home elevator that will make your life much easier!

We also install elevators in retirement homes, schools, masonic lodges, churches and other small commercial buildings

We install the best quality custom residential elevators

At Moore Elevator, we specialize in providing three unique types of elevators that are in accordance with the ASME A17.1 Safety Codes for Elevators and Escalators. Our most common go-to elevators include residential roped hydraulic elevators, LULA elevators, and residential winding drum elevators. We are proud to offer high-quality, secure, and MCP (maintenance control program) compliant elevators to best suit your needs.

Residential Roped Hydraulic Elevators

These elevators use space efficiently and are cost effective, smooth, and quiet. These types of elevators include batteries in case of power failure, as well as have easy emergency access and lowering.

Residential roped hydraulic in-home elevators have a 950lb weight capacity and are capable of up to six stops with 50 feet of floor-to-floor travel. Cab sizes of 12 to 15 square feet and our compliance with modern safety codes will ensure that you will travel comfortably and safely.

LULA, or Limited Use Limited Application Elevators

These elevators are best for small public buildings including churches, schools, and nursing homes. The LULA elevator is known as a power passage elevator, best for areas that don’t have the room for a standard sized elevator. The LULA elevator provides solutions for architectural barriers. The roped 1:2 hydraulic design provides the quietest and smoothest ride in the elevator industry, and its features make this elevator a cost-effective solution for small public buildings.

LULA elevators have a 1400lb weight capacity and can service up to 4 stops with 25 feet of floor-to-floor travel. We provide up to 18 square feet of interior cab sizes, so your guests will never feel cramped.

Residential Winding Drum Elevators

These elevators are cost effective and low maintenance, providing reliable in-home elevator service at an affordable price. Winding drum elevators are the most proven of all elevator systems, being used in homes since the 1940s, and are tested for long-term use. These types of elevators also require less space and eliminate the need for a separate machine room.

Residential winding drum elevators are available for 500 or 900lb weight capacity, with up to 15 square feet of interior cab sizes available. These elevators are capable of up to six stops with 50 feet of floor-to-floor travel.

Savaria Eclipse MRL Elevators

This additional type of elevator adds luxury and convenience for your home. The Eclipse is a machine roomless elevator (MRL), meaning it requires no machine room and minimal overhead drive space. This elevator style uses a counterweight system while providing a smooth and stable ride. The counterweight system also allows for less power consumption and no hydraulic fluid required—it’s our most environmentally friendly choice.

Savaria elevators are completely customizable, meaning your elevator design can be tailored to your unique needs and style—or, you can choose from one of three pre-selected finishes: slim luxury, ultimate black, or glass elegance.

Also offering complete elevator service and repair

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