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V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

The Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift is designed to carry a wheelchair and passenger up and down one or more levels. It is suitable for installation in buildings or private homes, and can be configured to meet any building requirements. In a word, the platform lift provides versatility for any application.

A hydraulic 2:1 chain drive system allows for a smooth, efficient ride, and the standard 36” by 54” non-skid platform meets ADA specifications. The lift travels up and down a rail system enclosed in the lift tower, so no additional machine room is required for the lift’s installation. For ultra-quiet operation, it’s possible to install the drive system in a remote machine room.

Operating the Savaria V-1504 is simple: On-board controls operate the lift with constant pressure, and optional call-send stations are available. And in case of a power failure, you won’t be stranded: The lift features a DC battery-powered lowering system. Backup battery-powered operating systems are also available in case of power loss emergency.

The Savaria V-1504 is available in a range of options and finishes. The Standard (V-1504 STD) offers two stops, although it can be customized for more distance or stops. It can be designed with walls for save traveling, or built inside a hoistway. As with all Savaria options, the V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift allows you to customize the design based on your specifications including optional color finishes, powder coating, and acrylic or glass panels. You can truly create the elevator of your dreams with the V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift.

Multilift VPL

The Savaria Multilift VPL (vertical platform lift) provides a rugged construction model, perfect for outdoor or indoor use and ideal for deck and porch access. The Multilift VPL travels up to 72 inches with 2 stops.

Unlike indoor elevators, the Multilift VPL is perfect for adverse outdoor climate conditions. Designed with safety in mind, the Multilift VPL features underpan sensors to stop the lift if an obstruction is sensed, as well as a built-in emergency stop button. The non-skid platform is available in 3 standard sizes that meet ADA requirements. In case of a power failure, a manual hand crank or backup emergency battery can raise or lower the platform. There is also an option to add a grab rail, platform gate, fixed access ramp, 90-degree exit, or emergency light and alarm on the car.

The Multilift VPL also features an ACME screw drive with a backup nut for strength and precision of movement even in the harshest weather conditions, and a self-supporting base and tower structure. The constant pressure controls allow for operation with key access and travels at a rate of 8 feet per minute. Its reliable operation with robust components makes the Multilift VPL a must-have for outdoor elevator applications.

When it comes to outdoor elevators, the Savaria Multilift VPL elevator is the ideal choice for porch and deck access or commercial accessibility. Savaria elevators are known for their reliability and dependability with ease of operation, and are built with durability in mind.

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